about socialkraft

We all want to connect with others—to share ideas, explore emotions, and support one another. Each of us develops these aspects of our humanity differently. While many people are equipped with innate tools to socialize effectively, others need support. Gaining an understanding of the complexities and expectations of our social world can be a challenge. Socialkraft uses the power of play and curiosity to guide individuals towards successful social discoveries.

I craft an individual plan for services to creatively meet the unique needs of your child. I work with children ages 2 and up with a wide variety of abilities. I can see your child at home, in school or at my office. I believe in establishing trust and creating rapport with each and every client. I welcome the opportunity  to work together with parents and other support professionals to help children, teens and young adults understand more about the nuances of social communication and the reciprocity of relationships. 

I look forward to connecting soon.