My home based sessions are one hour in length and incorporate creative and fun activities to enhance your child's play and social communication skills. Examples of customized lessons include: working on social thinking concepts,  emotions and feelings, reading and decoding non-verbal cues, perspective taking, flexible thinking and executive function skill building skills.

I provide parent and/or caregiver coaching and consultation to support lessons taught which in turn will help with generalizing skills. Sometimes this will mean changing the way you communicate with your child or enhancing the environmental design of your home to increase communication and social opportunities.   

If your child is experiencing behavior challenges, we can work to problem solve these and create a plan together. If it is warranted that different or additional supports are needed for your child, I am happy to provide information on community resources and referrals in the Portland metro area. 

Social communication visual tools

These powerful tools are beneficial especially for those individuals who are proven visual learners. I work with families and caregivers to develop visual support plans by establishing structured routines and helping with daily transitions. I can also help support goals established by other service providers. This creates continuity and a bridge for generalization across settings. Samples of visual supports include Social Stories™, calendars, schedule strips, play scripts, and social thinking based materials.