If your child is in preschool, or attends a private or charter elementary school, I can provide social skills support in their educational environment. I will work closely with your child's teacher to help support them and your child to be more socially successful in the classroom and on the playground. 

In order to start school support services, I first conduct a one hour in-class observation. I do this during an hour of the day that includes several transitions and social times such as choice time, snack/lunch, or recess. After this initial visit, I will write up a summary for parents that includes my observations, impressions and ideas for social goals to address. Then we will establish a schedule for service which usually is one time a week for an hour during those socially challenging times. 

By supporting your child at school I am able to help them in real time with their peers. For example, if there has been a communication breakdown, I will help decode what happened, support problem solving and create an opportunity for a "do-over" to help repair the social situation. Or I may work with your child to learn and practice the skills for initiating and sustaining interactions with their peers. Another important benefit of social supports at school is being able to work directly with your child's peer group. Often times peers really want to engage with your child, but need tools themselves to interact in different ways to make connections happen. Being able to teach peers about learning style differences, answer their questions and nurture compassion all help in this process.  

I am not able to provide services in public schools.  If your child attends a public school and is not already getting Special Education Services (IEP) then click here for more information.